Your people aren't accountable? That's on you...

Your people aren't accountable? That's on you...

Sid Smith

Accountability issues are like blackberry vines. The roots go everywhere.

An inability to delegate is often due to having the wrong people in the wrong seats (structure) or inadequate or broken process. When you have an accountability issue, it’s also usually rooted in structure or process. [Read to the end for a surprise ending.]

To solve any issue, you’ll need to understand the root cause. Is it structural, process, or both?

Structural issues are when you have the wrong person (not a cultural fit) and/or someone in the wrong seat. This requires both a clear description of your ideal culture (core values) and clear accountabilities for each seat. With this information, you can quickly identify right person – right seat issues.

Process-related accountability issues typically occur when someone lacks direction and a system for staying on course. They may not have clear 90-day goals (Rocks), a followable process, or lack clarity about their responsibilities. More likely, there’s no system of accountability, such as weekly Level-10 meetings in which they report on Rocks, To-do’s and measurables; and, they raise and solve issues.

The surprise ending:

Ultimately, a lack of accountability stems from weaknesses in leadership and management. It’s a bitter pill, but it’s the truth. The leaders set and communicate the vision, define the culture, clarify accountabilities, put the right people in the right seats, ensure processes are documented and followed by all, and set the example for being open, honest, vulnerable, and accountable to each other.

Put another way, the onus of accountability is on the leaders first, employees second.

The good news?

Accountability happens as a result of good leadership and management. And, by implementing EOS, entrepreneurial leaders become better at leading and managing. They don’t “make” people more accountable. Instead, they create an environment of accountability through the use of simple, practical tools and disciplines.


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