The EOS Level-10 Meeting™

How to Have World-Class Meetings

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Gino Wickman on having a world-class meeting

Discover one of the key tools - the Level-10 Meeting™ that enables companies running on EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) to achieve consistent results, dramatically improve communication, and elicit positive engagement from all people at all levels of the organization.

The Level-10 Meeting Agenda

5 min.
Good news: quickly share personal/business bests.
5 min.
Scorecard Review
Update weekly Scorecard (metrics) for each attendee. No discussion; add issues to the issues list.
5 min.
rock review
Quick review of 90-day goals (Rocks). No discussion - Rocks are "On" or "Off" track. If off track, add to Issues List. 
5 min.
Customer/Employee Headlines
Perfect time to give "shout-outs" to employees and highlight customer successes or potential issues (no discussion - add to Issues list if necessary).
5 min.
To-do list
To-do's are either "done" or "not done". No discussion; no excuses. Aim for 90% done each week. Add to Issues List as necessary.
60 min.
IDS Issues
Most of your time should be spent solving your issues. Use the Issue Solving Process (IDS™) - Identify the root of the issue; Discuss briefly; then, Solve - identify actions and to-do's that will enable you to move toward resolution of the issue. Watch Gino's video again.
5 min.
Recap To-Do List, clarify Cascading Messages (messages that you need to broadcast to the company and/or teams) and rate the meeting (1 to 10).

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