Thought of the Day: Aligning Your Values

Thought of the Day: Aligning Your Values

Sid Smith

In an ideal world, we say what’s important to us and always act accordingly. As a business leader, you’re faced with four possibly different sets of values. First, you have organizational values – what’s important to the organization. It’s who you strive to be as a company, or as we say, who you reek of.

Then, you have the personal values of each leader. You will share some, but not all personal values. It is important that you do your best to separate those values you wish to preserve at an organizational level and those that are strictly personal in nature.

Then, each team or group within your company may have their own unspoken values. It’s how they expect people in that group to behave, even if these values are implied and not written. Accounting, for example, may value precision while marketing values creativity.

Finally, each employee has his or her own concept of what is good, beneficial, important, beautiful, or desirable.

To the extent that you can align your most important values throughout the four levels, you will experience greater cohesiveness, employee engagement and retention, and ultimately more prosperity.

The most effective means of creating alignment is to start at the top, defining clear values for the organization that are shared by everyone on the leadership team. From there, you share these values regularly with the entire organization, and more importantly, you hire and fire to your core values, ensuring you have employees that fit your company’s culture.


Get the Vision/Traction Organizer™ from EOS Worldwide and answer the first question. Only include values that are:

  • Specific ("Integrity" may be too general)
  • Observable - You can easily point out behaviors that exemplify the value
  • Shared and exhibited by everyone on the leadership team

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