You wouldn't bake a cake by just using your three or four favorite ingredients. If you want the most from EOS, hire a professional Implementor who will take you through a thorough and exacting process.
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The 90-Minute Meeting™
Try before you buy. The first 90 minutes is ON US. We learn about you, you learn about us, and most importantly, you learn exactly if, how, and why EOS and its tools and disciplines will help you and your business.
We start by BUILDING TRACTION. You'll discover the 5 Leadership Abilities™ that enable you break through any ceiling. Then, we create the right and best structure for your organization, establish your first set of Rocks™, get you going on Level-10 Meetings™, and build out your initial Scorecard. 
About 30 days after your Focus Day, we begin answering the 8 Questions™ after fine-tuning your Focus Day tools. We will discover your true Core Values, identify your Core Focus™, and establish your 10-year Target™. If we have time, we'll develop your (simple, but effective) Marketing Strategy.
About 30 days after Vision Building Day 1, we continue answering the 8 Questions™. We'll paint a clear 3-Year Picture™, define your 1-Year Plan, identify your next Quarterly Rocks, and uncover any and all Issues that might get in your way. By the end of the day, you've got a crystal clear vision to take to your organization.
The maximum amount of time that any human can remain focused is about 90 days. We spend a full day together each quarter to take a "pulse" of your progress. We'll review your vision and quarterly rocks; grow your leadership and management skills; set Rocks for the next quarter, and solve any lingering Issues. .
Annually, we'll spend two days together to strengthen your trust and team, analyze and build on the last year, fine-tune your Vision, clean up any people issues, and establish new goals for the year and new Rocks for the quarter. By the end of the two days, your team is stronger and you're aligned to achieve your goals.

Our Guarantee

We work on a daily fee basis. If, at the end of the day you don't feel you've received the value you anticipated, then don't pay us. 

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