The EOS 90 Minute Meeting™ (FREE)

The primary goal of the 90 minute meeting is for you to have enough information with which to determine whether or not EOS is a fit for your business and if it makes sense for you to proceed. Upon scheduling your 90 minute meeting, we will send you one copy of the Traction book, which explains the complete model, the tools, and the process in expansive detail. During the meeting you’ll learn about us; we’ll learn about you; and you’ll leave understanding how – or if – the EOS tools™ and EOS process™ can help you reach your business and personal goals. EOS 90-Minute Meeting


  • About Us: So that you know we’re not practicing on you, we’ll take 5 minutes to describe the history of EOS and highlight our rather lengthy resumes.
  • About You: We’ll complete your client profile live. We’ll want to know your business size, revenue, industry and history. You’ll tell us what you most want from your business, your 3 biggest challenges and 3 your greatest strengths. Then, we’ll delve into your organization – the effectiveness of your meetings, alignment around your plan, organizational structure, and the level of accountability you see in your organization.
  • The EOS Tools™ and EOS Model™: We’ll take a full 45 minutes to discuss the Six Key Components™ of strengthening your company and several EOS tools, such as the Vision/Traction Organizer™, People Analyzer™, Company Scorecard™, Issue Solving Track (IDS™), The Level-10 Meeting™, and Rocks™.
  • The Process: Finally, we’ll step through the EOS process that helps your teams master the EOS tools at the right time and in the right order to turn your organization into a highly functioning, dynamic, fun, and profitable team.

The Focus Day™

We will spend a full day (7 to 8 hours) focusing on building traction. This includes your organizational health, your highest priority actions for the next 90 days, and the specific metrics we’ll use to measure your progress and success. Having the wrong people in the wrong seats, a multitude of unresolved issues, and no real way to measure success will make a perfectly good vision meaningless and entirely unreachable. We want to build some traction within your team and organization before working on the vision. This includes getting everyone headed in the same direction and ensuring that you have a fundamental set of tools with which you can predictably create and build traction. EOS Focus Day™

Focus Day™ Agenda

  • Hitting the Ceiling™: Discuss how organizations really grow; explain the five leadership abilities and how to break through the ceiling and achieve new business highs
  • The Accountability Chart™: Identify the optimal (and simplified) structure for your organization; Create clear accountability within the organization; Build an accountability and organizational chart that ensures the right people are in the right seats
  • Rocks™: Clearly identify your company’s top 3-7 priorities for the next 90 days; Surface and classify any unresolved personal or business issues; >Identify each leader’s top 3-7 priorities for the next 90 days
  • Meeting Pulse™ : Implement the Level 10 meeting™ agenda – a specific agenda that enables you to gain traction and quickly resolve issues.
  • Scorecard™: Take the first cut at creating your company’s scorecard – the precise metrics that enable you to quickly see where you are on or off track toward your goals.
  • Next steps: Review the 8 questions related to Building Your Company’s Vision. You will be given homework in preparation for the first Vision Building™ session if you choose to move forward.
The session is completely guaranteed. If you don’t feel you have received value, you do not pay.

Vision Building™ Days 1 and 2

We have two separate Vision Building™ sessions, separated by 30 days. In both sessions we’ll review the tools you’ve learned to date and build out your skill set with new tools. We’ll check your progress on your rocks, issues and Level 10 meetings. Some issues will be resolved, and new issues will naturally surface. We’ll adjust your rocks so that you’re entirely focused on the 3-7 most important actions. Session 1 will focus on your core values and your 10-year target™. In session 2 we’ll build out a marketing strategy, your three and one-year plans, and again fine-tune your rocks. EOS Vision Building
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Vision Building™ Agenda

EOS Vision Building Day 1

  • Check-in: Review the context; positive reports; issues; expectations
  • Focus Day™ Tools: Review focus day tools and 5 leadership abilities
  • Core Values™: Identify core values and show how they apply to having the right people in the right seats
  • Core Focus™: Discover your “sweet spot” – your Purpose / Cause / Passion the niche in which you will become most profitable.
  • 10-Year Target™: Establish your #1 organizational goal, pick a timeframe for reaching the goal, and a target revenue figure. Establish individual responsibilities (rocks) for reaching the 10-year target.
  • Next steps: Homework in preparation for VB2 session.

EOS Vision Building™ Day 2

  • Check-in
  • Focus Day™ Tools: Review focus day tools create a plan for rolling out to the entire organization
  • Review Core Values, Core Focus™ and 10-Year Target™: Confirm the team is 100% on the same page
  • 3-Year Picture™ and 1-Year Plan™: Create clear pictures of the 3 and 1 year plans and ensure that everyone is 100% on the same page with what must get done to achieve the plans
  • Review Rocks™ and Issues List™: Smoke out any unresolved issues, learn how to compartmentalize issues, and ensure everyone 100% in agreement with the top 3-7 actions for the next 90 days
Each session is completely guaranteed. If you don’t feel you have received value, you do not pay.

Quarterly Pulsing™ and Annual Session

The Quarterly Pulsing™ and annual sessions are designed to execute your vision and achieve your 1, 3 and 10-year plans. Each session is a full day (the annual session is two full days), and we run your quarterlies and annuals for as long as you need us. Learn more about EOS TODAY

Quarterly Pulsing and Annual

  • Quarterly Sessions: Check-in; review quarterly rocks; Vision/Traction Organizer™, updates, and alignment; issues list; EOS tools review; EOS model review; establish new quarterly rocks.
  • Annual Session: Check-in; prior year review and Vision/Traction alignment; rocks review; team health review (rate for trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results); tools review; SWOT sheet; create new 1-year plan (and rocks).
All sessions are completely guaranteed. If you don’t feel you have received value, you do not pay. At some point you will have thoroughly engrained the process and mastered the tools, and you will no longer need us. The program is designed for our obsolescence. We implement the system in your organization and hightail it out of town until and unless you need refreshers or a little outside perspective.

Level 10 Meetings™

Weekly meetings are essential to your success. They increase traction and accountability; enhance communication; promote team health; and, they produce results. The Level 10 meeting gets to the heart of what makes for great meetings. They use a very specific agenda that gets you to transition into the meeting quickly, report on what’s most important, and bring accountability into the picture with a realistic to do list. Most importantly, you spend the majority of your time solving issues because that is what makes for great meetings. EOS Level 10 Meeting

Level 10 Meeting™ Agenda

  • Segue: Share personal and business “bests.”
  • Scorecard Review: Quick review of how your actual results are measuring up against your 90-day goals.
  • Rock Review: Rocks are your 3-7 most important actions for the quarter. You do nothing more than report “On” or “Off” track (no discussion).
  • To-Do List: Your to-do items are the top tasks you commit to each week that help you to complete your quarterly rocks. Again, you simply state “Done” or “Not Done” with no discussion.
  • Issues: You identify and prioritize your issues, and working from the top-down, you discuss and solve as many issues as possible.
  • Recap and Rate: Recap your to-do list for the week and rate the meeting from 1 to 10. Your goal is to have all level 10 meetings.
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