The EOS Model™ – Aligning with your Values and Visions



The first component of the EOS® Model is your vision. We begin with identifying who you are as a company and individuals within the company – your values. Whom you hire or promote depends entirely on how well they align with your culture and values. We’ll then set specific and measurable long and short term goals. Your values and goals are infused in everything you do with all employees until everyone is in 100% alignment.

Put the Right People in the Right Seats

First, the right people are those who share your core values and align with your vision. Next, you evaluate each person to determine if he or she is the right person for each clearly defined seat. The tool we use lets you quickly decide if an individual gets the job, wants the job, and has the capacity to do the job. The right person (shares your values) in the wrong job typically results in someone else having to cover for their inability to manage their workload. It’s frustrating for everyone when a perfectly good employee struggles to do his or her job to their full capacity.

Data Never Lies

You can have the right people in the right place who are in total alignment with your vision, but lacking cold, hard data is like trying to determine your blood pressure by licking your thumb and pointing it into the wind. As part of the EOS model, you will define specific metrics that you will use weekly to ensure that you are on course and aren’t relying on any individual’s gut feelings. We show you simple disciplines and tools that let you manage your business through data, giving you an absolute pulse on your organization.

Solve Your Primary Issues

When the vision component is strong, the people component is strong, and the data component is strong, you will have created the foundation for having an open, honest, and transparent organization where differences, obstacles, and barriers more easily come to light. We call these “issues” and we’ll teach you an extremely effective and simple way to solve all your significant issues quickly and permanently. You will learn to quickly identify, discuss, and solve any issues you encounter, and on a weekly basis long before they become festering sores.

Create Consistent and Efficient Processes

Many companies have either no or poorly defined internal processes for everything from hiring to managing projects. Process maps are generally avoided because most processes are inherently complex and somewhat fluid. We’ll give you tools, such as the 3-Step Process Documenter™ that helps you to quickly Identify, Document, and Package your core processes. The key to success is to keep it simple, where each process is fully documented in only 1-3 pages. You include the 20% of the steps that result in 80% of the success of the process, and omit everything else.

It all Comes Down to Traction®

This is where we bring discipline and accountability in the organization and help you execute on your vision. There’s no coincidence that vision is at the top and traction is at the bottom. Vision without traction is like a car without tires. Our “tires” in this case are two extremely simple, but immensely powerful tools.
  • Rocks. Rocks™ are the 3-7 most important things every individual in the company has to complete in the next 90 days (less is more). You’ll get to the point where everyone has at least one, and typically three rocks to complete each quarter.
  • The Meeting Pulse. We all call this the Level 10 Meeting™ because the goal is for every attendee to give the meeting a “10”. We realize most people hate meetings. The Level 10 Meeting™ agenda is designed to solve problems instead of raising hackles or inducing sleep.

How the EOS® Pieces Fit Together

EOS® is designed to help you master the Six Key Components™ of your business as described above. EOS® works because we have a clearly defined and oft-proven process in which you use a series of simple tools to quickly master each component. Each of the six components has its own set of tools to which you are introduced during the 90-Minute Meeting™ and Focus Day™. We’ll revisit the tools you’ve learned and introduce new tools during the 2-Day Vision Building™ sessions (two one-day sessions separated by 30 days). Then, each quarter we’ll work with you to fully master each tool and each of the six key components. See a diagram of the EOS Process™. Please read about the EOS Process™. You can also learn more about EOS at the EOS Worldwide website.