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Born from a need for MORE

Gino Wickman created EOS® and the underlying tools and disciplines of Traction® out of a deep-seated need entrepreneurs have to create something bigger than themselves.

If you put all the greatest business books, concepts, and ideas into a blender and produced a drinkable, nutritious, and simple concoction, you'd have Traction. 

Real. Simple. Results.

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We get EVERYONE on the same page with where you're going and how you'll get there. All rowing in the same direction.
Build discipline and accountability throughout the organization so that everyone executes on your vision every day.
We help you build a healthy, functional, cohesive organization that is fun, engaging, and in which people love working with each other.


Thousands of entrepreneurial companies around the world are running on EOS®. Their owners and leaders are getting more of what they want from their business, and you can too. What is it about EOS® that makes it work so well in a small, growing business?
Built for Busy Entrepreneurs.
EOS is made up of simple concepts and practical tools that can be easily applied in a fast-paced small business. There’s no theory, no management fads – just basic, useful tools that help people get more of the right stuff done every week.
Holistic Model and Approach.
EOS doesn’t treat symptoms – it helps you cure the “whole body” by strengthening the Six Key Components™ of your business – Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction.
Designed to Solve Issues Once and For All.
By helping you and your team focus on the “root cause” of your issues – EOS takes you below the surface to produce real, permanent change.
Brings Focus, Discipline and Accountability.
EOS is a simple framework for defining what’s important, who owns it, and exactly what success looks like. With every member of your team accountable for a handful of goals and numbers, you’ll get consistently better results.

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The EOS Model originated from the discovery that when you can become stronger in the Six Key Components™ of your business, those 136 things you're constantly juggling will miraculously fade away. They are just symptoms of the root cause.


You are strong in the Vision component when everyone is on the same page with who you are, where you're going, and how you'll get there. We answer the 8 questions - 

What are your Core Values? 
What is your Core Focus™? 
What is your 10-year Target™?
What is your Marketing Strategy?
What is your 3-Year Picture™?
What is your 1-Year Plan?
What are your Quarterly Rocks™?
What are your Issues?

Then, we get to the point where everyone in your company SHARES your Vision


You cannot achieve your vision without great people. In the People component, we cut through all the noise to define what it means to have great people in your unique organization.

Great people consists of two things:

The RIGHT PEOPLE are right for your organization - they fit you like a glove and exhibit your core values.

They are in the RIGHT SEATS when they truly Get, Want, and have the Capacity to do the job well. 


Being strong in the Data component means that you're running your business on good, hard data instead of the opinions, egos, and best guesses that often drive entrepreneurial organizations.

We define 5 to 15 numbers that your leadership team uses to keep the pulse of your organization. Then, we eventually get to the point where everyone has at least one number so that they feel fully engaged in helping you to achieve your goals and we keep the company on track.


When you have a clear vision, start getting the right people into the right seats, and are running your business on good, hard data, you create a more transparent, open and honest company. Obstacles, barriers, and opportunities naturally rise to the surface. We call these issues.

You just have to get really good at solving those issues. For this, we have the leadership team (and eventually every department) maintain an issues list that they actively SOLVE every week. 


To get strong in the Process component requires that you do what's necessary for success the right and best way every time. This creates consistency, makes your business more manageable, more fun, and ultimately more profitable.

We want to identify the handful of core (6-10) processes in your company. We simplify and document each process, documenting the 20% of the steps that get you 80% of the results.

Then, we get those processes FOLLOWED BY ALL.


This is where we bring discipline and accountability in the organization and help you execute on your vision. There’s no coincidence that vision is at the top and traction is at the bottom.

Vision without traction is hallucination.

The two tools/disciplines of the Traction component include:

Rocks™.  Rocks™ are the 3-7 most important things every individual in the company has to complete in the next 90 days (less is more). You'll get to the point where everyone has at least one, and typically three rocks to complete each quarter.

The Meeting Pulse.  Annual, quarterly and weekly meetings maintains consistency & accountability. We get stuff done!  A key piece is the Level 10 Meeting™ - a highly structured meeting that is designed to solve issues and keep people accountable.
Going in, I knew the challenge Sid faced working with four strong-willed, opinionated people. The results we’ve achieved up to this point with the Traction process are miraculous to say the least. I am hopeful that we can maintain the momentum we’ve generated so far, and I’m looking forward to the next rabbit Sid pulls out of his hat.

Brian Dazey

Morris + D'Angelo


EOS®  has been finely tuned over more than a dozen years, so that every tool and discipline produces results with even the smallest effort. 


Professional EOS Implementers have conducted over 54,740 full-day sessions with companies running on EOS.  That's over 54,000 iterations of the same tools!


Worldwide, Professional EOS Implementers have helped over 7,670 business owners and leaders get more of what they want.

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