Beware the Ides of March (Or NOT): A Simple 10-Question Assessment

Beware the Ides of March (Or NOT): A Simple 10-Question Assessment

Sid Smith

A body at rest has three choices. It can remain where it is. It can move toward something. Or, it can be repelled away from something.

Likewise, your business can simply go through the daily motions, doing what you’ve always been doing, neither moving toward or away from something. You can set clear goals to which you actively move towards. Or, you can act by being repelled away from something – lower sales; competition; decreased productivity; poor morale; higher employee turnover.

A Quick Business Assessment

Note: You can download a fillable (auto-scoring) PDF of this assessment here: Short Organizational Checkup.

Rate yourself and your company from 1 (low) to 5 (high) on the following (note – this is an abbreviated form of the full Organizational Checkup):

1 We have a clear vision in writing that has been properly communicated and is shared by all.

2 Or core business is clear, and our systems and processes reflect that.

3 All of the people in our organization fit our core values (are right for our company).

4 We have identified every key role (seat) we need and the responsibilities for those seats.

5 We have put the right people into each of those seats (they Get, Want, and have the Capacity to do the job).

6 Our leadership team is open and honest and demonstrates a high level of trust.

7 Everyone is engaged in weekly meetings, has clearly identified quarterly goals, and specific performance measurables that are reviewed in these meetings.

8 All teams clearly identify, discuss, and solve key issues for the greater good and long term.

9 Our systems and processes are documented, simplified, and followed by all.

10 We have a budget and are monitoring it regularly (monthly or quarterly).

Are you moving AWAY from or TOWARD something?

You will experience far greater growth and an equal degree of satisfaction when you move toward a goal than you will by moving away from a problem.

A score greater than 40 likely means that you’re moving toward a goal. You’ve got systems in place to execute on that goal, and you’ve got the right people in the right seats who will be actively engaged toward that goal. Issues will arise and be quickly resolved, and any you’re able to execute course changes as needed.

If you scored between 25 and 40, you may have a goal, but you’re lacking some of the systems, accountability, and possibly right people in the right seats to fully execute on that goal. You’ll do OK, but you’ll run into more persistent issues, and run the risk of losing momentum if things don’t work out the way you planned. You’re more likely to see inconsistencies throughout the organization, with new elephants popping up in different rooms every week.

Scoring less than 25 implies that, while you may be profitable, your actions are likely driven by issues, problems, or concerns. You’re reacting to the market instead of leading the market. Some products or services are doing well, while others are losing you money. You have more employee problems than you like, and while you know you should work “on” the business, you just can’t find the time to do so.

How EOS Helps

The simple tools (or disciplines) of EOS will provide you with a clear vision, help you get everyone in the company to share that vision, and instill the processes, discipline, and accountability to execute on that vision every day.

Those 127 things you’re juggling become five to seven “Rocks” that you can more easily handle. Without consciously doing so, you’ll find yourself leading your company instead of running around fixing problems. Life, and work, become more fun as it becomes easier to run your business.


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