Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... What does the Future Hold for Me?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... What does the Future Hold for Me?

Sid Smith

The aging king leaned on his cane, sighed deeply, and looked out over his still sprawling kingdom. For as far as his old eyes could see, small villages dotted the hillsides. “I have done so well for my people…” he said aloud to no one.

In one of these villages the mayor sat with her back to the castle, and with her villagers in rapt attention, she continued her speech. “… and thus it shall come to pass, and only because of our hard work, focus, and diligence, we will soon take control of the castle and push our old king into the wasteland he, himself created.”

EOS Organizational Assessment - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Bill Shaw at Macadam Capital Partners in Portland is an expert in helping the owners of privately held companies plan the financial future of their businesses. As Bill describes it, a big part of his work with his clients is to “hold a mirror in front of them” so that they see an honest assessment of where they are and the reality of what they can accomplish in their future.

Bill understands that the “value” an owner sees in his business can be vastly different than the reality of the market.

What we see, or think we see, can be vastly different from reality. While we want to believe that our hillsides are dotted with villagers that adore us, and that the future will be forever bright, reality holds no such guarantees.

Honest self-assessment is important, but it can’t accurately be done in isolation. We give our clients an Organizational Checkup before we begin working with them, and then each quarter or annually to gauge their progress. I ask that every member of the leadership team take the assessment so that we can discuss their answers openly and honestly. I’m never surprised when the owner or CEO’s responses vary widely from those of the “villagers.”

Assessing the multiple levels in your organization

Barrett Values Centre offers several levels of organizational values assessment. They look at the organization, the leadership team, and individual groups or teams. They’re able to uncover mis-alignment and gauge the overall health of the organization. The understanding is that individual groups might share some, but not all values with the leadership team, and that each group or the organization may operate at higher or lower levels of functional health.

The Organizational Checkup asks you to look at your business from the perspectives of culture, vision, people, accountability, process, and execution. You’ll know how or if you’re all rowing in the same direction, and the likelihood that you’ve got what it takes to achieve your goals.

Few people enjoy looking in the mirror, and for good reason. It’s hard to hide from our blemishes. So, if you haven’t had your organization look in the mirror recently, now might be a perfect time.

[You can take the EOS Organizational Checkup at EOSWorldWide]



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