How to Apply EOS® GWC in Your Employment Practices

How to Apply EOS® GWC in Your Employment Practices

Sid Smith

EOS GWC™ stands for Get it, Want it, Capacity to do it. GWC is a
component of the People Analyzer tool

In its simplest form, applying GWC to a current or prospective employee
simply means asking if the person Gets the job, Wants the
job, and has the Skills, knowledge, resources, and bandwidth (Capacity) to do the job well.

However, GWC is best applied within the framework of Right People
in the Right Seats. First, you need to ensure that you have the
right seats (or roles) defined in your organization to accomplish your
goals. From a leadership perspective, this is best thought of in terms of working ON your business.

To work ON your business, you can’t be in the wrong seat or trying
to occupy too many seats. By identifying the seats (roles) that will best
enable you to let go of “IN your business” tasks, you can
eventually rid yourself of those tasks and do a better job or working ON
your business.

With the Right Seats defined, you’ll put the Right People
in those seats.

The following graphic demonstrates how this works.

EOS GWC Infographic

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