Sid Smith

Business Growth Expert

Sid brings a wealth of experience to getting things done. His passion is solving the people, process, and strategic problems that keep individuals and organizations from growing. The result is that they have the business and life they want.

A Diverse, Tactical, and Practical Background

Sid leapt from his undergraduate degrees in computer science and math to just short of having his own company. He was the IT manager, systems designer, programmer and project manager all rolled into one. Never having held an 8-5 job, Sid managed IT departments and was a consultant, project manager and business developer for Hewlett-Packard for 16 years. His experience taught him that people, not technology will make or break any business function. Launching out on his own nearly 20 years ago, Sid used his technical, business, and psychology experience (he has a Masters in Psychology) to coach businesses and executives to achieve greater and greater levels of productivity. He furthered his education and experience by providing expert marketing and copywriting assistance to mid-market businesses throughout the U.S. and Europe. Still, he found that without a functioning, healthy organization, even the best marketing and coaching wouldn’t achieve the desired results. EOS® brings everything together – the people, processes, vision, execution, accountability, and even the data to keep things on track.

Sid is a dedicated road cyclist, exercise junkie, and dragonboater (look it up). He and his beloved wife can be seen paddling the dragonboat on the Willamette River 2-3 days a week year-round.

Sid is also a long-time Rotarian with the Portland Pearl Rotary Club.


Contact Sid: 503-287-0246

Contact Eric: 503-635-2319

Eric Albertson

Business Growth Expert

Eric Albertson is an entrepreneur, High Growth Business Strategist, and Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer. He is co-founder of Albertson Performance Group, Inc’s Predictable Traction and former EVP Sales of an Inc. 500 company.

Eric is an expert in helping entrepreneur’s get what they want from their business. Eric’s business passion is helping growth oriented entrepreneurs produce Real – Simple – Results and have the life they want.

A Track Record of Growth

Eric had a paper route when he was 8 and owned his first entrepreneurial business at 21 that he grew successfully for five years. After getting a degree in marketing from the University of Oregon Eric worked in high technology sales in the Fortune 500, two VC backed firms as a senior executive as an EVP and part-owner of an Inc. 500 (#89) company and a founder of Albertson Performance Group, Inc. in 2006 where he has been involved in the growth and sales process of five companies in the range of $6M – $400M.

In all this experience Eric always found that he could fix the marketing, sales and hiring processes of his client’s companies. Growth always followed, but the problem was always that the resulting growth never achieved its full potential or stayed steady because of leadership in each company did not have a shared vision, did not know how to maintain execution (traction) and the culture of the company was not healthy. When friends referred Eric to EOS® he knew he’d found the missing ingredient to helping entrepreneur’s that he had been looking for his entire career.

Eric’s top focus in life is his family. Eric is also an ultra-light backpacker, reader, cook, gardener and fly fisher. Eric and his family reside the Portland, Oregon and Eric limits his EOS practice to the west coast of North America.