AN EOS® Company Perspective

Even before we were hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, companies like Timbercon were using EOS to improve their company healthy and operations. EOS put them in a better spot to effectively handle the crisis and potentially emerge stronger.

PRE-COVID-19 - How was EOS Helping?

How has EOS helped Timbercon?

Timbercon has been running on EOS for about a year pre-COVID. Laura McKinney, the Integrator, shares how EOS has helped change their culture, prepare them for a significant change, and create a more healthy and productive environment.

What about responding to COVID-19?

DURING COVID-19 - How Has EOS Helped?

Surviving COVID-19

Laura shares with us how having the EOS tools and system already in play has helped Timbercon to more effectively deal with the emotional and physical challenges of COVID-19.

Is it possible to emerge stronger?



Timbercon has had the same challenges as all companies trying to operate in this "new normal". We asked how they see the future, given what they've learned from using EOS during the pandemic.

What are your two favorite EOS tools?

What are your two favorite EOS tools?


Laura shares her two favorite EOS tools. You might be surprised by her answer to her second favorite tool. It's not unusual in the EOS world, but rare in most companies.

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