The Story of Predictable Traction

We've helped companies grow with employee counts from 5 to over 50,000, and the same principles apply every time.

We admit our addiction to helping companies achieve their potential and enabling the owner and leaders to lead great lives. That's why we stick with you until you are getting the results you want.

The only time we say no is if we don't see the growth potential, or if we see other reasons that success isn't in the cards. If you don't value your people, are a dictator, or your business has an entrenched bureaucracy... then, we're simply not a fit.

A Brief History

We have decades of success with companies of all sizes in fields as diverse as embedded hardware/software, SaaS, medical devices, test & measurement, services, computer hardware, computer chips, technology integrators, insurance, wine, beer and software just to name a few.

Are we a fit?

Not all companies are ready for the often significant changes that can result from the EOS® process. You're ready if:

  • You've hit a revenue or growth ceiling
  • You're not afraid of honesty
  • You relish solving nagging issues
  • You are willing to make difficult personnel choices
  • And, you believe that simplicity is a good thing.

Our Success Secret

Every company has an ingrained culture that is often obscured by years of built-up perceptions. You have "ways of doing things" and interactions that are more unconscious than conscious.

Systems and processes that were once documented have undergone a multitude of changes. People are hired and promoted on the basis of "potential" instead of fit. Quite often they don't get it, want it, or lack the capacity to do the job.

The company expands, reaches into new markets and sometimes forgets its core strengths. Marketing is confused and the sales team is fragmented.

Our life and business experience makes us uniquely qualified to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) in a way that gives you the most value for your dollars spent.


Mailing Address (Sid)

6901 SE Oaks Park Way, Slip 27
Portland, OR 97202


Sid: 971-678-1495
Eric: 503-635-2319