7 Steps to Hire Great People Every Time

7 Steps to Hire Great People Every Time

Sid Smith

EOS People Hiring

In our opinion the People section of the EOS Model is one of the most critical. After all, a strategy is only as good the people who execute it. Having the wrong people in the wrong seats can doom the best vision or strategy every time.

The problem with the EOS Model's People approach for many entrepreneurs is simply that they don't have confidence that they can hire anyone better than who they have today. They feel stuck. They don't have a hiring process they can have confidence in to hire the Right People in the Right Seat.

Here is the outline for a hiring process that has produced hundreds of Right People in the Right Seat hires - we provide the detail to our clients:


  1. Define what you want and need for excellence in terms of: Competency, Behaviors, Values, and questions that can identify if those competencies, behaviors and values actually exist or are merely "aspirations".

  2. Get proof that they have the competency, exhibit the behaviors and demonstrate the values. Have them produce work with an application. Have them tell you about a time when they actually did the task. Ask them what they have done when their values were compromised. Finally ask them what their complaints and concerns were in their last 2-3 positions: the inverse of these point to their true values.

  3. Build an evaluation grid and have 3-5 others evaluate each candidate against the same criteria.

  4. We like to use the specific type of DISC survey from a specialized service provider that helps us see things about the person that we can't effectively discover in an interview process and discern if there is a style and approach fit with the other key employees with whom they would work most often.

  5. Don't try to sell them. We just tell them the truth about the company. We cover the vision, our core focus, our core values and our three unique. If we are struggling in some areas we tell them… honesty is fundamental.

  6. Don't kid yourself. Most people will tell you if they are a fit for your company, culture and values if you ask the right questions and really listen to both the answers and everything else they say.

  7. Don't give in to scarcity thinking. There are always great people out there. Yes, many times they are already working for someone else. If you are truly on the EOS path you have something that most employees want as much or more than money and prestige… workplace sanity and logic. Share the model, be patient and the great employees will come.>/p>

Is there more to this so called "hiring process"? Of course there are many more details. And yes, the devil is in the details. If you want to know more just shoot us an email and schedule a time and we'll discuss what details can help in your situation.

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