3-Step Hiring Candidate Values Alignment Assessment

3-Step Hiring Candidate Values Alignment Assessment

Sid Smith

EOS People Analyzer Values Alignment

The EOS People Analyzer is a brilliant tool to identify if a person "Gets It, Wants It and has the Capacity to do it (GWC), and if they align with your organization's values. Simple and powerful, but not always easy.

To use the EOS People Analyzer you simply ask each member of your leadership team if the person being analyzed:

  • Gets it,
  • Wants it,
  • Has the Capacity to do it and if they are aligned with each of your company's values.

In Each case you assign a "+"," +/-" or a "-" to each person. If they have two or more minuses they are "below the line" and must be gotten "above the line" or leave the company.

The big trick in the hiring process is the confident identification of candidate's real values. With approximately 500 hires under the collective belts of the APG principals here are three values identification tactics you can consider that have worked for us - they are in order of use:

  1. Ask them what their professional complaints and concerns were in their previous work experiences. Dig for specifics. Ask them to give you a scale of what bothered them most to least. Each of these complaints and concern represent the inverse of a value. Your role is to identify the underlying value and ask the candidate to validate each as a value.
  2. Simply ask them what their values are and record them. Have every interviewer do the same.Tell them what your company's values are and explain the company's commitment to its values.
  3. Consider showing them the People Analyzer and explain the rating system. The key to this approach is to ask them to tell you about a time or times when they demonstrated this value in their work life. Listen closely and record your impression of how committed they are to each value.

The combination of the three tactics above will quickly and efficiently give you a solid feel for the candidate's alignment with your company's values.

In a previous post we covered how you can identify "have the Capacity" part of "Get it, Want it and have the Capacity to do it" by identifying the critical competencies and related behaviors. With the tactics in this post you now have three tactics that when taken together will give you a solid handle on a candidates alignment with your company's core values. The next blog post will cover the dialog around the "Get it, Want it" portion of "Get it, Want it and have the Capacity to do it".

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