Why Your 2020 Goals are Already Toast (and 3 Steps You Can Take to Enjoy the Meal)

Why Your 2020 Goals are Already Toast (and 3 Steps You Can Take to Enjoy the Meal)

Sid Smith

We're already into February. Yeah, those first three months blew by. We had snow, ice skating on local ponds, and enough rain to scare a few Californians back to the safety of their usually parched land.

There's still time to pull your 2017 goals from the pit of despair, but you'd better get things rolling now or toss them back into the "another great idea" bucket. Here's how:

Step 1: Share your goals.

Share your personal goals with your friends. Then, be open to the support and encouragement offered. Share your business goals with everyone in your organization. Tell them why you're passionate about these goals and how they will benefit everyone in the organization.

Step 2: Work in a 90-day world.

If you want to increase sales by 20% this year, what three to five things MUST you get done in the next 90 days to stay on track? This 90-day world keeps you focused and motivated. Checking off a 90-day goal is like running your first 10K race in preparation for a year-end marathon. You'll feel giddy, and you can't wait to create your next 90-day world.

Step 3: Monitor your progress WEEKLY.

Far too often, we check goals against actual monthly (or worse, quarterly). By checking your MEASURABLE progress against your 90-day goals weekly, you're better able to make course corrections, alter your plan, and initiate counter-measures.


EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) can help any organization reach its goals in style and comfort. You'll get everyone rowing in the same direction, working hard to achieve the goals, and functioning as a cohesive (fun) group.

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