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EOS® Solves These Issues:

Business Issues

  • Unacceptable revenue & profit
  • Slow or no growth
  • Lack of time & control

Organizational Issues

  • Poor execution
  • Missed goals and objectives
  • Lack of accountability & engagement

Personal Issues

  • Not having fun
  • Working too much
  • The excitement is gone


“As with any business our size, hiring the right people is critical. During our first Vision Building day, they taught us an amazing tool called the People Analyzer. I embraced the opportunity to use this tool to ensure my new assistant would align completely with our core values. EOS® is helping us to become more disciplined and accountable, and we’re grateful for their guidance and support in our journey.” ~ Tasha Price, Interstate Pest Control

What EOS® Does


Everyone in your company is 100% on board with where you are going and how you are going to get there.


Your leaders become more disciplined and accountable, executing with precision to achieve every part of your vision.


You have a healthy, functional, and cohesive leadership team in which issues are openly discussed, quickly resolved, and your vision stays on track.

What APG Adds

Marketing Expertise

APG has developed complete marketing systems for small companies on up to Fortune 100 companies.

Personnel Management

Experienced senior managers and long-time entrepreneurs with professional coaching certification.

Sales Experience

30+ years of combined sales success.

scottp"Upon the recommendation a colleague who is also one of their clients, I read the Traction book. I was so excited, I read it again, took notes, and created a summary. Post-recession my business has done very well, but I’ve been looking for an edge that could propel us to the next level. I firmly believe that EOS® gives us that edge. " Scott Pillsbury, President rosecitylabel

You Get Value or You Don’t Pay

EOS® - the Entrepreneurial Operating System is helping over 12,500 entrepreneurial leadership teams achieve more revenue, growth, and profit, while delivering a better balance of life. If your session doesn't deliver value, then you don't pay.

EOS Process

Your Time Commitment

  • The 90-Minute Meeting™: 90 minutes
  • EOS Focus Day™ (1 day, 30 days to implement)
  • Vision Building™ Day 1 (1 day, 30 days to implement)
  • Vision Building Day 2 (1 day, 90 days to implement)
  • Quarterly Pulsing™ (1 Day Each, 90 days between)
  • Annual (2 Days)
  • Weekly: Level 10 Meeting™